About Me

About the Founder

Krista Perez

Krista Perez, founder and president of TWCC, has spent the bulk of her education and career learning and prioritizing anti-racist, equitable and community centered work. Her multi-disciplinary perspective allows her to view her work through several lenses which include being the daughter of an immigrant father and migrant worker mother, her undergraduate degree in law, economics and public policy, small business/entrepreneurial knowledge, and passion for community organizing. These experiences inform the work that Krista has done through this nonprofit organization, her PoC centered market, The Community Market, and her equity consulting business, Perez Consulting.


To cultivate a space for professional Women of Color to nurture community, collaborate, and share professional, educational and life resources.

“Tacoma Women’s Collective was conceived as a way to bring into existence the opportunities and connections that I was searching for in Tacoma as a professional WoC. I was looking for spaces that not only embraced the ambitious and career driven me, but the mother, friend and community leader in me. I believe for WoC to truly be successful, that we should be able to show up whole, as the multi dimensional, intersectional beings that we are. Please join me in building this table, FOR US and BY US.”

-Krista Pérez