Tacoma Women of Color Collective

Tacoma Women of Color Collective

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The TWCC is now looking for an advisory committee:

Please email info@thetwcc.com with area of interest and relevant experience. Thank you!

We are looking for individuals with experience in:

  • 501c3 Knowledge
  • Business
  • Background in Education
  • Fundraising + Marketing
  • Political and/or Political Activism
  • Cultural Knowledge and Awareness
  • Accountant
  • Legal

Community leaders with a passion for or experience in:

  • Equity + Inclusion
  • Creating Opportunity
  • Cultivating Community
  • Giving back

Past + Upcoming

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How is TWCC different from other women led or “boss babe” groups?

Women led groups can oftentimes be heavily influenced by the dominant and/or privileged group, leaving out the perspectives and experiences of underserved and marginalized people. This can lead to a sense of feeling like you don’t belong, like you are an imposter, or unheard.
Because of this, our desire is to cultivate a space that allows you a sense of belonging and family, a space where you can share your challenges and triumphs that are specific to your intersectional experience, while also receiving support, encouragement and perhaps even, “how to’s”.

Is there a fee to join the TWCC?

There is a small membership fee to keep the website up and running and to provide the event spaces. Our hope is to eventually provide some compensation for the founder and anyone else that may end up working with the TWCC.
There is a “community member” membership option, as well as “business member” membership option.
As we begin workshops we will charge for the workshops to pay for the space and compensate the facilitator.

How will we share our resources/experience?

TWCC plans on facilitating professional and entrepreneurial based workshops as well as community events based on wellness/self care and network/community building. Additionally, we will offer the opportunity to share and advertise your businesses and/or events!

How can this help me professionally?

We believe that representation is important. That seeing someone that looks like you, killing it in the discipline/field that you aspire to succeed in, is powerful. Sometimes all we need to see is someone like US doing what we want to do, to believe that WE can do it too.
Or maybe you are already a business owner, but you have areas of growth and opportunity that you need help with (hint: we all do!). Being able to connect with WoC who affirm you and are willing to connect and share resources is key to building community, which in turns, aids our success.

Will TWCC hold events to give back to the community?

Yes! Our plans are to host networking events and workshops for young & aspiring professional WoC to connect with their local community members as a way to create a platform for them to build on during highschool and beyond.
We are also open to event ideas and other ways in which we might contribute to Tacoma’s WoC community.